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How to start playing this TheSilenT Ladder Battle: Weapons or Armors game?
First you need to Signup, fill in a username and password at least 3 alpha numeric characters and click signup and you are done and ready to play.
Next time if you plan to come back fill in your username and password click on login to play with the same account.

How does the game play work?
It's very simple the only thing you have to do is to attack players to gain money to buy upgrades for your weapons or armors.

The battle system?
The battle system is a fight of multiple rounds.
Every round the player rolls a dice which multiplies his damage.
The round winner is awarded with three points and if it's a draw both players get one point.
The player with the most points wins the match.
You can get attacked or attack any player as many times as your time allows you to do so.

How to get more money?
Wait for the money timer turn to zero and collect the money!
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